Cockstruction is the card game where you compete to build the most fitting penis. Mix and match the best bits, to make the best dicks.

About Cockstruction

Players take turns to build up 2 cocks, swapping out parts until the last player lays a tip. The highest scoring member wins the round. Shlongs can be sabotaged with Cockblocker cards such as the Micro-penis and modified with buffs like Lube or Clumps of Hair.

Cockstruction can and should be played at hen parties, regular parties, in front of an open fire and any time you want to play a fast and fun game.

The game can be played with up to 4 players with 1 deck, which contains 122 cards. A round will take around 30 minutes to play.

With countless combinations, it’s unlikely you’ll ever manage erect the same cock twice.


Elements are what makes your dick a winner.

There are 4 elements in the game: smooth, bumpy, hairy and flair. At the beginning of a round the first player will draw 2 element cards. All players must build their cocks to suit the revealed elements.

Matching a correct element, a player will gain 2 points. Laying an incorrect element with subtract 1 point. For example a card that has 2 matching elements rewards a player with 4 points, a card that has 1 matching element and 1 incorrect element gains a player 1 point. Cards with no matching elements will only subtract 1 point per incorrect element.

The example below would score 10. That’s a pretty good cock.


A cock is made up of balls, shaft, shaft, tip.

Cockstruction contains 15 unique cocks that make up 60 of the game’s playing cards. The aim of the game is to build the best 4 card combination, matching the element cards drawn at the beginning of the round.

At the start of a game when each player is dealt 4 cards, it is highly likely their hand will contain one or more Cockcards. All players must discard and draw until a player is able to lay a balls card. If you have a pair of balls in your hand, and a pair of balls have yet to be laid, you must play them. Once the first pair of balls is played, the fun begins. Players can choose to lay, swap or discard one card at a time, on their turn, with the aim to build up their penis. Players can build two penises at a time. The game ends when the last player lays their tip. Until that tip is laid, players can continue to swap or discard on their turn.

Building a cock from one set isn’t easy and will reward a player with a 5 point set bonus.

Cockblockers: Modifiers

Modifiers are both attack and buff cards. Playing them against opposing players will either reduce their card’s element value or, if the Micro-penis card is played, prevent them from laying any more cards on that cock until they find away to remove it. Modifier cards can also increase the amount of elements on the chosen part of your cock. Playing them on yourself, can improve your penis. These cards can be played at any time.

Product Info

Cards: 122

Players: 2-4

Ages 18+

Size: 95cm x 135cm x 45cm

Instruction Sheet Included